Welcome to Mountain Top, New Mexico. The home of the hit TV show, Powder River.


After the death of his wife and son, and a closed internal investigation for a crime that everyone thinks he committed, Reese Mars moved from Albuquerque to a small town in north-western New Mexico, called Mountain Top. He hoped for a quiet place to retire, as the new Sheriff of Mountain Top, where the population was less than 1,000 and the biggest crime in town were the folks who jay-walked across Main Street.


Replacing a Sheriff, who died unexpectedly, Reese soon discovers that behind this sleepy, desert town lies more than he was expecting. Within days of arriving, Reese's Deputy, 'Red', tells him about the dozens of missing people reports that Sheriff Parker had been working on, before his unexplained death, and that Parker had a suspect he was narrowing in on.


The Thompson family; Gene, Samantha, Teddy, and little Ellie went missing just months before Reese arrived in Mountain Top, and they appear to be the latest victims in the mystery that has yet to be solved. In the missing person's file of the Thompson's, there is a photo of the family. In the photo, Reese see's Ellie holding a stuffed Winnie the Pooh, and discovers a similar stuffed bear in a shop downtown; a shop owned by the Mayor of Mountain Top's husband, Frank Allside. Reese and Red also discover that Parker had been working with an informant, but left very few clues, other than the initials 'E.G.', as to who his informant was, and what they know. Together, Reese and Red work to uncover the secret behind the town and the dozens of missing people, who's last stop was in Mountain Top.


Reese wants to find the answers to what happened to Ellie Thompson, and what the connection is between her Winnie the Pooh, and Frank Allsides shop. They are in a race against time as they work to find out the mystery of who is behind the crimes, and save the latest visitors to Mountain Top, before it is too late.

Mountain Top: A Novel


    Bearcreek, Montana

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