Snow storms are nothing new during winter time in the Rocky Mountains, but when two storms colide; one dropping out of Montana while the other stalls out in Idaho, they create the opportunity for a perfect Rocky Mountain storm. 

Five people find themselves stranded at a truck stop in a remote area of Idaho, known as Island Park.

Fred; the employee who stayed behind to take care of the truck stop during the storm.
Tabitha; an attractive young lady who is driving from Washington to Montana to pick up her daughter, and escape her past.
Doc;  a local doctor who was making a house call at one of the local ranching families.
Joe; a truck driver who is driving through Idaho on his way to pick up his next delivery.
Steven; a man, who prefers to keep to himself, on the way to his home in Oregon.


One of those stranded is not who they say they are and can either be someone the others need to fear, or their saving grace.  After the five arrive, and the storm continues to rage on outisde, one by one they begin disappearing.  And dying.   

Who will survive this deadly storm and at what lengths will they go to find out the identity of the stranger who is not what they seem? Who is the real killer and who are they going to trust?

Island Park


    Bearcreek, Montana

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