Patrick and Pete's friendship started unlike most others.   They met, by chance, but became best friends, brothers, and television celebrities.   They are the stars of the hit television show FORGOTTEN TRAVELS, which brings viewers such attractions as ghost towns, abandoned amusement parks, and other eerie locations.  It has been a dream come true, for both of them,  but after eight years Patrick decides it's time to leave the show behind and continue his life with his fiance, Tayleigh.

The same day Patrick tells Pete he won't be continuing to film the show any longer a strange envelope arrives in the mail, addressed to both Pete and Patrick   After opening it they discover an old map of Colorado, from 1896.  On the map are several historic mining towns, including the town of Canyon Springs, which had been circled several times.   
After a full day of research, they are not able to find any information on the town of Canyon Springs, Colorado and decide they will make one last trip, for one last adventure, after they finish filming the final three of the Forgotten Travel's season episodes.  

Patrick and Pete embark on a journey that only one of them will come back from. 

They will discover a ghost town, deep in the forest of Colorado, where only few have ever been before.   A ghost town where the residents still live, even though time has long since forgotten them.  A town where the supernatural and horror open their arms wide, inviting new residents to come, but only if they never plan to leave. 

What will Patrick and Pete discover, on their last, great adventure, and which one of them will escape the town of Canyon Springs?

Canyon Springs


    Bearcreek, Montana

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